Invite your friends for the chance of winning ¥10000!




By sharing your codes for priority reservation to your friends on August 15th - September 10th, you will get 2 reward points right after your friends’ successful registration,and your friends can get 10 points too! Moreover, your friends can use your priority reservation code to book in advance (two days early), and you will earn 5 points after you friends’ successful reservation. If your friends' reservation has been marked as "No show" or "Cancelled", the points will be removed. The winner gaining the most points will get 1 thousand yuan in cash! The top 20 will get meal coupons worth thousands yuan!
*The explanation right of this activity is reserved by DiningCity
Invitation for Register Agreement
Clicking on Invite Friends is deemed that you have read and agreed to Invitation for Register Agreement by default. To safeguard your legitimate rights and interests, please read the Agreement carefully prior to participating in the Invitation for Registration activity. When you invite a friend to sign up, the default is that you have known the following terms:
1. Users can invite countless friends by the end of China Restaurant Week held in autumn of 2017.
2. Once a friend invited properly registers and logs in, 2 reward points will go to your account; once a friend invited uses your code for reservation and dines, 5 reward points will go to your account within 72 hours. Invited friends' “non-attendance” or “cancellation” will lead to no reward point for you. (Only restaurants chosen for China Restaurant Week can be reserved for picking up points.)
3. After the activity, all reward points will entirely enter into your membership account.
4. Users having same account, phone number and device shall be deemed as the same user. This rule goes for both inviters and invitees.
5. The staff of DiningCity will inform the prize-winner to draw his/her meal coupons within a week after the end of 2017 China Restaurant Week Autumn. The winner who fails to accept his/her meal coupons before September 20 will be considered as a waiver.
6. This activity is only available on the latest DiningCity APP.