About Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is a culinary event that takes place worldwide and is all about fine dining at the best for less. During Restaurant Week you will have the chance to dine at top restaurants for a discounted set menu-price.

Currently Restaurant Week is held in major 35 cities like New York, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. The first ever edition was held in New York in 1998. After that, Restaurant Week has been organized annually in amongst others: The Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore and Italy.

China Restaurant Week is being organized by DiningCity China. DiningCity is the leading international restaurant guide with a clutter-free database of more than 25,000 carefully selected restaurants across the globe. After successfully launching DiningCity in The Netherlands, countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, China followed in 2010. DiningCity China currently hosts more than 400 restaurants.

The Price For Restaurant Week

The Twelveth Edition of China Restaurant Week will take place from 12th April till 22th April by DiningCity in Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hangzhou/Suzhou/Chengdu. 

More than 400 well-chosen restaurants will be included. There are 4 fixed price categories for Restaurant Week:

There is one more price category named Elite, the top restaurants in the city will bring their special tasting menu. 

Social Media

To enjoy the specially designed menu of Restaurant Week, you will need to make a reservation online at our event website. The booking website will be opened to public from 4th April 2018 10am onwards. If you are worried that you will not have enough time to choose your favorite restaurant, we suggest you to become our VIP. And you can have a priority in the restaurant week. 

IMPORTANT: you unfortunately cannot book by calling the restaurant directly – only bookings made through our booking system are valid. You will receive a confirmation of your booking on the email address and mobile number provided, and all you need to do is telling the name to restaurant when you go, then they can find out all the information in the system easily.

In each edition of Restaurant Week, multiple awards are presented to restaurants with overwhelming service and cuisine. These awards are honored based on your reviews so we do treasure and value your opinion. All of the winning restaurants will participate in the Extended Restaurant Week. And you can have more chance to enjoy delicious food.

More information about Restaurant Week 2018 will be published on our Weibo and Facebook:



上海    Shanghai

北京     Beijing 

广州     Guangzhou 

深圳     shenzhen



上海    Shanghai

北京    Beijing 

广州    Guangzhou

深圳     shenzhen

Pick your favorite Restaurant Week menu, book now and enjoy!


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